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About Lois

In a previous life I was a sculptor, specialising in carving and steelwork. I developed Chronic Lyme Disease 10 years ago so I limit myself to two dimensional work these days-I love the landscape of Wexford with its huge skies and open space…here is a link to  my website  www.irishdigitalart.com

Two years ago I took up  embroidery again and a year ago I started to make quilts- especially baby quilts and wallhangings. I love colour and texture, and putting different fabrics together, although being self taught, I have a lot to learn. It has become quite an obssession with me now!!

Sunrise in the Valley-Mixed Media 42cm x 60cm


2 thoughts on “About Lois

  1. Hi Lois,
    I jumped here from the Janome blog. You are a bit in the middle of nowhere. I live on a farm near Craven Saskatchewan Canada which is also a bit of nowhere in a huge country but I am only about 45 minutes from Regina. I find that I do most of my learning and purchasing on the internet though because I am still employed full time and do not have the luxury of shopping for hours. I have some quilting friends nearby and we get together to quilt.
    Your blog looks like it will be very interesting. I enjoyed your story about Paddy.

    • HI Valerie,yes we sound the same as you. I live in a farmhouse here in Wexford, Ireland,I am about two hours from Dublin but very few fabric stores and nothing like the ones in Canada or the US. I am really pleased to meet a fellow internet user regarding fabrics and quilting asit can be difficult at times because I cant really see the fabric I buy and just have to hope for the best if I havn’t used it before.It must be really nice to have quilting friends that are near you and great to be able to get together for a session.
      Thanks for your kind comments about my blog, which I have just started, I’ve never really done one before, just my art website.A big learning curve! I am hoping to add more thngs to this blog as I get more proficient, and will be putting up quilt as I go posts for things I am working on. Would be great to get feedback on them.
      I am really glad you liked my post about Paddy. he was a loveley man, so gentle and unassuming and so gifted.

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