Defining the AIDS quilt as Craftivism

  NAMES Project Foundation Quilt

I came across this thought provoking article by Cherisse Brown.. I had heard of the Names Project Foundation and the quilt made in memory of loved ones who had died from AIDS. The label CRAFTIVISM is an interesting concept – I feel that creative energy and action to change the political and social landscape for good has be a positive and challenging process.


Regarding the differences between working in paint and working in embroidery to me it is easy to suggest that this gigantic quilt not only draws on traditional American folk arts of quilting but in its tactile, homely nature provokes a stronger response from the viewer. The symbolic nature of a quilt is that of a blanket, one which offers comfort. This community act helps to draw millions of people together over one significant issue of AIDS and the LGBT’s community. The quilt enabled this community to stand as one, representing themselves as one voice to be heard and noticed, fulfilling the speech of Milk where he said they needed to ‘tell the truths about gays’. As the quilt grows and grows it represents something which is completely beyond the capability of one individual, once again emphasising the need to stand together as one voice and one community to be taken…

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